Opera in Four Acts
by Alexander Dargomyzhsky
English Language Premiere
Translated from the Russian
by Emily R. Lehrman and Leonard Lehrman
in Concert with Piano
Anastasiya Roytman singing Lehrman's setting of Pushkin's "Winter Morning"
Sunday November 22, 2015 at 2:30 p.m.
Room 264, Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College, CUNY

~~~Admission Free~~~

preceded at 2:15 p.m. by Presentation of Commemorative Plaque
honoring Emily R. Lehrman (1923-2015)

Information:  516-825-2939 ~ ljlehrman@gmail.com

Helene Williams in the title role
David Anchel as the Miller (Raven)/Matchmaker
Gregory Mercer as the Prince
Perri Sussman as the Princess
Kathryn Wieckhorst as Olga
and Jackie Bakewell as the Little Mermaid

and the Metropolitan Philharmic Chorus

Jackie Bakewell, Sandra Fox, Amy Glass, Galina Leybovitch, Sokunthary Svay
Joan Tarbutton, Michelle Wallace, Nancy Zucker, David Aubrey, Charles Samuel Brown
Bill Castleman, Brian M. Kerns, Joshua Minkin, Jim Spiegle, Thomas Smith, Henry Yen

Conducted from the piano by Leonard Lehrman
assisted by Markus Kaitila

co-sponsored by
The Dept. of European Languages & Literatures at Queens College CUNY, David A. Jones, Chair
The Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College CUNY, Edward Smaldone, Director
The Maldeb Foundation
and The Prof. Edgar H. Lehrman Memorial Foundation for Ethics, Religion, Science  & the Arts

Previews from concert excerpt performances posted on YouTube:
Act I:  Miller's Aria (David Anchel)
Act II:  Wedding Chorus
Act III:  Scene 1 - Princess's Aria (Perri Sussman)
Scene 2 - Mermaid's Chorus
     Prince's Aria (Gregory Mercer)
Act IV - Rusalka's Scene with Little Mermaid (Helene Williams, Jackie Bakewell)

Russia Channel 1 Interview Aug. 20 [telecast Dec. 6], 2015
(English Translation of Interview Text)
Lecture by Caryl Emerson Nov. 18, 2015
Video of Complete Performance Nov. 22, 2015
Video Subtitled
Photos of the event
- Queens Chronicle
- soundwordsight.com